The Story of Creation, The Evolution144 Way

In the beginning, there was All That Is. 

There was nothing that was not All That Is.  All That Is desired to experience its magnificence, yet, being All That Is, there was no way to observe itself; so All That Is created, from Itself, individuations with the perception of separation from Itself. It gave each individuation all of the powers It had, and it sent them out to go play.  Once on the playground, the individuations joined into groups in some places, and they pooled their ideas of neat ways to experience all their powers.  Some groups decided to make planets, with ecosystems and living creatures, each of which agreed to play a part in the game depending on what sounded fun to them.

On some of the planets, the individuations playing the parts of living creatures didn’t want to remember that they had all those powers, because it would be more fun to discover them as they went along. So they entered the game with no memory of their power.

There were other planets set up quite differently, with differing guidelines, some solid and physical, some not.  Even those planets that seemed totally physical still had hidden places that the physical players in the game couldn’t see. There were even more players playing on these hidden platforms, traversing the game area according to different guidelines and limitations, yet interacting with players on all the other levels too.

When players finish experiencing their particular game, they go back to their original state of remembrance, to review how they played the game, how they affected other players, and what they learned from it. 

Then they meet up with their groups of friends, and talk about what kind of game they’d like to play next, and who wants to play which part, and when.

There were so many themes to explore that every possibility of learning existed.  After all, they were created by All There Is.  When they were finished playing games, then they could choose to be those non-physical helpers that guided the game players around their board, hoping they’ll have even more fun discovering their essence.  Later, those helper spirits could merge back with the Creator to enjoy watching the others play from a much larger vantage point.

And when All That Is felt the desire to send out more of itself in an ever-expanding whirlwind of new experiences, It sent out newly-sprouted individuations to begin the process over again.  And so it went on…..forever.