The Seven Levels

In the Evolution144 world, there are seven levels of expansion. Each level, from Unconscious to Fully Aware, is a game of Live and Learn, with increased frequency providing the key to the next level.

Level 1: Escape

“The Reactor”

The Reactor lives a chaotic life centered in victimhood, blame and rage. Situations are left to chance, and individuals consider themselves powerless against greater forces.

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Level 2: Control

“The Doer”

The Doer believes that achievement is acquired through physical effort and sacrifice. No pain, no gain, as “They” say. Life should be bigger, better, more; and winning at all costs is the action plan. The secret to success is hard work and perspiration.

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Level 3: Option

“The Questioner”

The Questioner will begin to ask driving questions about the meaning of existence, his place in it, and his life purpose. This is a time of introspection where external influences are at odds with internal ones, and it’s a struggle to communicate with others.

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Level 4: Command

“The Creator”

The Creator is armed with newfound tools for creativity. After a period of deep soul-searching and inner healing, he now understands that his thoughts create his physical reality. With passion and fury, he seeks assistance from helpers in many dimensions, and waits anxiously for his desires to manifest.

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Level 5: Shift

“The Explorer”

The Explorer is a conscious creator of his entire world. Not only does he rapidly manifest his desires on the 3D Earth plane, he now samples alternate realities, accepting responsibility for actions across multiple lives. He will crave inter-dimensionality, and begin to interact with our galactic neighbors. Trust is the biggest challenge for The Explorer.

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Level 6: Enter

“The Wanderer”

The Wanderer fully realizes her power, and has come to understand that she, as well as all other living things, are perfect aspects of Source. She has traced her galactic “history,” and has fully chosen her path of Service to Others. Understanding the concept of Divinely Orchestrated Imagination, a Wanderer settles into¬†life moments, rather than viewing her lifetime as a linear event. Trust is such that the Wanderer knows that any experience is for the highest good, and so she honors each moment.

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Level 7: Delete

“The Closer”

The Closer fully understands her eternal nature, and consciously chooses any life experiences that satisfy her soul’s desire. She has completely detached from the grid of societal control, and practices simultaneous dimensional existence. She communicates with all living things across all planes available to her. Physicality may or may not be relevant, depending on the desired growth opportunity.

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